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    These photographs are just a few I have taken over the last ten years at The Albany Bulb, also known as the Landfill, the Waterfront and just The Bulb. It is a place I feel passionate about. That much is obvious. There are many of us who believe that this piece of the much hyped Eastshore State Park should have been left untouched and unmanaged - because it is a unique example of what happens when a place naturally and organically self regulates. But the dogma of 'preservation' and 'conservation areas' 'resource protection', 'habitats' and 'liability' overrules all individual identity. They cannot leave anything untouched, un-designed. It is as if if they (the park planners) didn't make it, it has no value. Rules, guidelines, regulations, interpretive signage, fences, safety, sanctioned art - it leaves nothing to the imagination. That is what the landfill meant to us - a place of unlimited imagination.
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February 04, 2006



Besides the new blogging material we can pre-judge our future actions with our hormones, or lack there of, in mind ... and be clear what we're dealing with. That's my favorite part ... better to know why I'm freaking out, and tone it down (or not!) accordingly. I hate surprise ... I think you do too.
Thank you for stepping up on this topic!!


Butch woman zigging and zagging thru peri-menopause here! I made a decision a while back NOT to be ashamed, NOT to go quietly and to be BRAZENLY outspoken about this 'transition' in my life. I'm fully engaged with and committed to my inner curmudgeon. There is nothing quite like a hot flash to either make one turn tail and slink into the background.......or ROAR into the foreground. I choose the latter.

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