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    These photographs are just a few I have taken over the last ten years at The Albany Bulb, also known as the Landfill, the Waterfront and just The Bulb. It is a place I feel passionate about. That much is obvious. There are many of us who believe that this piece of the much hyped Eastshore State Park should have been left untouched and unmanaged - because it is a unique example of what happens when a place naturally and organically self regulates. But the dogma of 'preservation' and 'conservation areas' 'resource protection', 'habitats' and 'liability' overrules all individual identity. They cannot leave anything untouched, un-designed. It is as if if they (the park planners) didn't make it, it has no value. Rules, guidelines, regulations, interpretive signage, fences, safety, sanctioned art - it leaves nothing to the imagination. That is what the landfill meant to us - a place of unlimited imagination.
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July 11, 2007



I've wondered if we were in the same state would we, by now, have succumbed to most, all of what you describe. I'd like to think no. Then again, I've wondered if we were in the same state-would we have met at all.

I am grateful for the time and space to think the distance has afforded. Now, if I could only do that..think!


By the sound of it, you two have a sweet sweet thing going. I feel distance, hard as it is, forces us into maintaining our own lives. Ultimately it's about compromise, right? Are two people ever going to be on exactly the same train (of thought) about when/where/how much?
'Love', whatever that is, isn't always enough...


'Love', whatever that is, isn't always enough...

True. So veryy.

Deb in Minnesota

For the past 30 years or so, my lesbian friends have done the mergers and acquisitions, while I've been mostly unattached. There's complicated reasons why, most of which required lots of therapy. Only recently have I thought about the possibility of merging with someone in the conventional sense.

Still, the thought of it somtimes makes me want to break out in hives. It's not that I don't want closeness or intimacy. I just don't want the relationship to fall into that state of ennui that I've seen in so many lesbian couples.


Ennui? This is why I love all you Deb's and Deborah's out there.....words like ennui.
I had to go look it up just to be sure I knew what it meant, so here's a definition: "a feeling of utter weariness and discontent resulting from lack of interest; boredom"

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