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    These photographs are just a few I have taken over the last ten years at The Albany Bulb, also known as the Landfill, the Waterfront and just The Bulb. It is a place I feel passionate about. That much is obvious. There are many of us who believe that this piece of the much hyped Eastshore State Park should have been left untouched and unmanaged - because it is a unique example of what happens when a place naturally and organically self regulates. But the dogma of 'preservation' and 'conservation areas' 'resource protection', 'habitats' and 'liability' overrules all individual identity. They cannot leave anything untouched, un-designed. It is as if if they (the park planners) didn't make it, it has no value. Rules, guidelines, regulations, interpretive signage, fences, safety, sanctioned art - it leaves nothing to the imagination. That is what the landfill meant to us - a place of unlimited imagination.
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May 17, 2011


Jane Tierney

Amazing that many people still put their faith in something so capricious and self made as religion. We say we despise abortion, while the same folks abuse the children who exist because their parents couldn't stand the idea. All the while they don't really want them and will resort to anything to get rid of them. (Like pets?) Commitment in any form seems to have disappeared completely from our culture. Whether commitment means to refrain from drunk driving or texting while driving (see Rhonert Park teen guilty of manslaughter while texting, killing a toddler ) to unsafe sex practiced by our former governator with his household staff while married. Commitment is a lost practice that results in not thinking of anyone but yourself, and stealing other people's right to just live. Those things worth having cannot be bought. Those things worth knowing cannot be taught.

susie fought

oh jill

sorry to be so public about this but this is why i fell for you so many many years ago

this is you at your most beautiful

thanks for writing it



admittedly i have not read your recent entries. but i have disappeared (on FB) for reasons which are so maddening and convuluted that i doubt that they would make any sense.

thank you for the mother's days call. i wished i had been there to pick up.

life is.... well life is, it just is...

my email is [email protected]
and my blog is

and or course, you have my number.

the fragility i show outwardly seeps deep. it always surprises me when there is something else that rises above that and comes out swinging and ready to put people and situations in their places. i am sure there is a psycological definition for that. knowing its name really wont help me deal with it so i just dont ask.

i hope you are well. i think of you often jill(ie).


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